AHEAD to Host Webinar, “Three Ways to Jump Start Your DevOps Practice in a Cloud-First World”

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Oct 17, 2018
Time 02:00 PM EDT
Cost Free
Many businesses are struggling to deploy DevOps throughout their enterprises, or their current DevOps initiatives have stalled. Instead of looking into DevOps for the sake of DevOps, organizations now need to focus on how to implement DevOps initiatives as a way to drive development operations and processes to truly bring about organizational change.
In this webinar, AHEAD Senior DevOps Engineer Tim Curless will share strategies to help build a plan, understand metrics for success and learn how a successful DevOps practice contributes to business outcomes. Attendees will gain a holistic, cloud-first view into the business, cultural and operational changes necessary for success. The webinar will cover cloud-first DevOps strategies and tools, including:
• The importance of breaking down silos, reorienting company culture and tapping senior leaders to help achieve DevOps transformation
• The benefits of starting a “DevOps Dojo” within an organization and why cloud-first tools, training and expertise is critical for success
• The Enterprise DevOps Toolchain and how companies such as HashiCorp, CloudBees, ServiceNow and Amazon Web Service (AWS) and Microsoft Azure can deliver more frequent releases, faster issue resolution and reduced time to provision new services

AHEAD transforms how and where enterprises run applications and infrastructure. From strategic consulting to implementation and managed services, AHEAD creates tailored solutions at all stages of the enterprise cloud journey. Headquartered in Chicago, AHEAD maintains offices in Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina and Ohio. To learn more, visit www.ThinkAhead.com and follow AHEAD on Twitter at @ThinkAheadIT.


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