The Cyber Attacker's Advantage

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Date Nov 13, 2018
Time 02:00 PM EDT
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Who has the first-mover advantage – cybercriminals or your security team?
What’s the difference in time between when an exploit is publicly available for a given vulnerability and the first time security teams actually assess their systems?
And why does this matter?

Join us on November 13 at 2 PM as Matt Jones shares research from the new report: Quantifying the Attacker’s First-Mover Advantage

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This alarming new report from Tenable shows that attackers have, on average, a 7-day head start.  They are bolting ahead before security even sees the risk looming.
Tenable Research analyzed the 50 most prevalent vulnerabilities over a three-month period. They discovered an alarming truth:

The Cyber Attacker’s Advantage: Attackers have a 7-day head start. 
During the webinar, Matt Jones will help explain how you can:
  • Eliminate the attacker’s 7-day window of opportunity;
  • Find out more about Tenable Research’s analysis of the 50 most prevalent vulnerabilities;
  • Learn how real-world threat actor activity can be leveraged to prioritize vulnerabilities for remediation.
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The Cyber Attacker’s Advantage
Tuesday, November 13
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