Virtual Yin Yoga

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Apr 29, 2020
Time 7:30 pm ET
Cost Free
We're excited to bring you virtual Yin Yoga with Jenna from Venture Beyond.

Yin yoga is a practice of surrender. A practice of divine feminine strength, the ability to melt into discomfort to come out the other side. I am inviting you to practice together, sitting with discomfort in a supported way so that when life doesn't go according to plan, you can leverage the sweet skill of surrender and acceptance instead of "pushing through" at your own expense. 

The hour session is a microcosm for life, it is an opportunity to plant seeds of nourishment and practice surrendering so that during the ceremony that is life you can respond from a pure grounded place of truth. We will start with some breathing exercises, followed by some yin yoga poses, and finally end in shavasana. 

Please be sure to come on an empty stomach, setting up a place in your home where you are comfortable and can melt into the poses. All poses will be grounded for this class (no standing postures).

Please note we are offering this for FREE and as a donation-based class given the global environment.


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