5 steps to eat intuitively without cravings

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Date Sep 26, 2020
Time 03:00 AM EDT
Cost Free
5 steps to eat intuitively without cravings
If even you failed before and you don’t think this is possible for you, especially during lockdown.
How to go from overeating and feeling exhausted and bad about yourself to being confident, energetic and love yourself and your body (So you can eat intuitively and thrive in tough times like Covid).

This webinar is for you if: 
  • You have been overeating your way through lockdown and really want to change that.
  • You are trying diet after diet, and you feel miserable of not achieving your goals
  • You’ve tried so much and nothing seems to work
  • You are frustrated, overwhelmed and stressed and everything seems too much to handle. 
  • You don’t understand where your cravings are coming from, how this keeps happening and how you can finally make it stop.
  • You are really too focused on food
  • You don’t have a balance between living healthy and enjoying life.
After this webinar you will know:
  • What the most important strategy is to change your life for good, beat emotional overeating and feel good and confident about yourself.
  • Understand why you haven’t yet succeeded in achieving your health goal and how cravings work
  • How to feel at peace and free with food so you can have more fun in life and with others
  • Getting a new perspective of dieting and what happens with your body and brain when you diet and how that keeps you from losing the weight.
  • The MAIN reason why eating less calories than you burn doesn’t equal weight loss and what to do instead.
  • Easy and fun steps that you can take today to become more blissful and balanced.
  • Top tips to be more energetic and have a more positive body image


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