Sanitation Chemical Testing - Best Practices Webinar By Compliance4all

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Date Aug 12, 2014
Time 12:00 PM EDT
Cost $129.00
Companies must provide effective Food Safety training for all employees including managers, supervisors, sanitation employees and production employees in order to produce a safe quality food product. The objective of this presentation is to equip the participants with the basic skills and knowledge to properly perform a titration drop count test on food plant chemical cleaners and sanitizers. The participants will also be presented with a basic review of the most common single parameter titration test kits used on chemical detergents and sanitizers.
Examples of "Audit Enhancement Documents" will be given to all participants for use with their Titration Test Kit Program to improve sanitation program effectiveness and to maintain audit standards. The effectiveness of any sanitation program begins with the proper use of the cleaning chemical and sanitizers. 

This webinar is an important step to building the knowledge for a successful chemical sanitation program for your food production operation. All levels of management and workers need to understand Chemical Titration Testing to achieve the goal of safe quality food products. 

Why should you Attend:
FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) is the first significant update and expansion of FDA's food safety regulatory powers in approximately 70 years. It is a comprehensive bill of which the focus is prevention, detection and response.

The FDA now has a legislative mandate to require comprehensive and prevention based controls across the food supply. Food producing facilities must evaluate the hazards in their operations through implementation of effective measures to prevent contamination. The monitoring of these measures and the procedures for corrective actions must now be performed by all food processing operations.
All of the Audit Schemes associated with FSMA call for "Verification" of chemical concentrations used in a Food Plant Sanitation Programs.
Areas Covered in the Session:
  • Cleaning & Sanitation Applications that must be Verified
  • Sanitation Control Documents
  • Chemical Test Systems
  • Titration Drop Count Kits - Description
  • Titration Drop Count Kits - Best Practices
  • Titration Drop Count Kits - Single Parameter Overview
  • Water Quality Kit
  • Alkaline & Acid Detergent Kits
  • Sanitizer Kits
  • Audit Enhancement Documentation

Who Will Benefit:
  • Sanitation Personnel
  • Sanitation Managers / Supervisors
  • QA / QC Managers
  • QA Personnel
  • Production / Processing Personnel
  • Plant - Production Managers / Production Supervisors
  • Corporate Food Safety Managers
Speaker Profile: Donald Jones 
is the Technical Sales Manager for AquaPhoenix Scientific, a manufacturer of Titration Test Kits for chemical companies servicing the Cleaning and Sanitation Industry. He has a B.S. in EDCI from Texas A&M University. Don has 9 years of experience in food processing operations and has held management positions at Pepsi/Frito Lay, Stroh Brewery and Anheuser Bush Brewery. He has worked for 20 years in the food plant sanitation / chemical industry servicing the food & beverage and dairy processing markets. During his 20 years of technical work with Diversey, Great Western Chemical, Shepard Bros and DeLaval Cleaning Solutions he was involved with food safety programs with some of the most respected food manufacturers. 

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