Should a practice Outsource Billing to prepare for ICD-10 Challenge?

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Date Feb 26, 2015
Time 03:30 PM EDT
Cost Free
2015 is here, bringing with it one of the biggest industry changes to affect medical groups in years: the switch to ICD-10.
Coding and billing – already burdensome for practitioners – will be the first casualties of ICD-10 conversion as training your billing staff in 68,000 diagnosis and 87,000 procedure codes requires dedicated budget and time, since the productivity and revenue of your practice depends on them.
With the transition to ICD-10 less than nine months away, planning remains a major concern for many providers. Aside from a reduction in efficiency and a potential increase in claim rejections, providers can also expect to see a major impact on their bottom line.
Join us for our upcoming webinar: “Should a practice outsource billing to prepare for ICD-10 challenge”, to identify ICD-10 readiness of your practice and minimize billing disruptions down the road. In this webinar, CureMD’s ICD-10 expert will help you create a billing action plan to prepare your practice for the new coding system.
This webinar will cover:
  • Checklist for identifying loopholes in your practice billing cycle
  • Complexity of ICD-10 codes
  • Expected impact of ICD-9 to ICD-10 conversion on your billing cycle
  • Viability of outsourcing billing before ICD-10 deadline
  • Benefits of in-house v/s outsourced billing post ICD-10
Who should attend the webinar?
Physicians, practice managers and administrators, billing managers and staff, and others who are looking to learn about role of outsourcing billing in ICD-10 conversion.


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