Webinar on Medical Coding for Dental Sleep Apnea Treatment

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Date Mar 17, 2016
Time 01:00 PM EDT
Cost $139.00
Overview: This webinar will provide the information that dental practices need to be able to truly help their patients afford this life saving treatment. All areas of helping dental practices implement this profit boosting system will be discussed.
Dental practices have experienced a paradigm shift over the last decade due to the research into the systemic link. Dentistry has now become the field of dental medicine. With regard to that shift, one area of significant change is with obstructive sleep apnea. Many dental practices are now providing treatment for this condition with sleep apnea appliances. Many medical insurance plans including Medicare are providing benefits for these appliances. It is rare to find a dental practice that knows how to file these procedures with their patients' medical insurance plans. 

Once attendees have taken this webinar they will be able to work with the patients' physicians to help establish the medical necessity of this treatment and provide letters of medical necessity to send to the medical carrier. In addition, practices will learn how to complete the medical claim form and learn about the medical codes that they will need to use on these forms, they will learn of the best methods of documentation, they will discover how to best work with the medical carriers, they will be shown the importance of appeals, and they will be shown some basic information about filing with Medicare. So don't miss this very important webinar that will help your practice achieve higher productivity and profitability through filing for your patients' sleep apnea appliance therapy with their medical plans.

Why you should attend: Statistics show that a significant number of our patients suffer from obstructive sleep apnea. Many have no idea that they suffer from this morbid disease, Those that do and have been treated with a CPAP are very often intolerant to it, so they remain untreated. Many dental practices have begun to treat these patients with oral appliances and they are making a significant difference in the health of these patients. Oral appliances for treating obstructive sleep apnea are quite often covered by medical insurance plans. However, many dental practices have no idea of how to file a medical claim. This webinar will lay out the steps to complete a medical claim form for sleep apnea procedures and will provide the guidelines on the steps that need to be taken prior to and after submitting the medical claim form. By following those steps, the success rate for these claims will significantly increase.

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • Discover how your practice can benefit by dental-medical cross coding for sleep apnea procedures
  • Learn the importance of asking the right questions of your patients, both verbally and on forms
  • Discover the roles of all team members in implementing medical cross coding for sleep apnea procedures
  • Hear about the importance of building relationships with your patients' physicians to achieve better success with your cross coded claims
  • Be shown examples of letters of medical necessity and narratives for sleep apnea procedures
  • Review the documentation requirements required by medical carriers
  • Learn about the medical codes needed to file these claims
  • Review the process of completing a medical claim form
  • Learn what questions to ask the medical insurance carrier and discover the importance of doing this
  • Find out who can make the obstructive sleep apnea diagnosis
  • Learn about the necessity of claim appeals and how best to handle them
Who Will Benefit:
  • Dentists
  • Dental Practice Owners
  • Office Managers
  • Insurance Coordinators
  • Dental Business Office Staff
  • Hygienists
  • Dental Assistants
Speaker :
Marianne Harper’s career in dentistry spans almost thirty years. Instrumental in her founding of “The Art of Practice Management”, a dental practice management consultancy company, was the fact that Marianne was always considered “the problem solver” and, in her years in practice administration, she discovered the secrets to practice success. Marianne now helps other dental practices achieve her levels of success by sharing her techniques. Marianne’s consulting specialties are: dental business office systems, dental business forms, the implementation of systems to lower accounts receivable, and the implementation of a dental-medical cross coding system. In addition, Marianne is the author of a dental-medical cross coding manual and eBook, is a published author of dental practice management articles that have appeared in dental journals and on dental websites, and is a well respected speaker and trainer. Marianne is a member of the Speaking Consulting Network, The Academy of Dental Management Consultants, The Professional Management Consultants Association, and CareerFusion. In addition, Marianne has a Lioness Principle Certification.

Price : $139.00 

Contact Info:

Phone No: 1-800-385-1607
FaX: 302-288-6884 
Event Link: http://bit.ly/Medical-Coding-for-Dental-Sleep-Apnea-Treatment


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