DIO 101: Diet-induced Obesity in Mice

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Jun 23, 2016
Time 10:00 AM EDT
Cost Free
Obesity and metabolic syndromes are on the rise, causing poor health outcomes worldwide. These disorders can be modeled in mice using the diet-induced obesity (DIO) model. Diet-induced obese mice develop type 2 diabetes that mimics the human disease. Consuming high fat diet from the age of 6 weeks, the mice will develop progressive metabolic syndrome starting at about 12 weeks of age. The model is useful for studying the progression of type 2 diabetes as well as some late stage diabetic complications.
This webinar will introduce the concept of diet-induced obesity models, including preferred mouse strains as well as resistant strains and compare to other models of diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Learn about commonly used diets and how to generate diet-induced obese mice, including important factors in housing and husbandry. Case studies using diet-induced obesity mice to study both mechanisms of action as well as drug efficacy will be presented.
Viewers can expect to learn:
  • Which mouse strains are suitable for diet-induced obesity research
  • How diet-induced obese mice are made, including details of diet and phenotype monitoring
  • Practical details regarding how diet-induced obese mice should be handled and housed
  • How diet-induced obese mice can be used in drug discovery
  • Typical phenotypic characteristics


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