Conclusive Results: Strategies for Collecting Quality Data in Psychiatric Clinical Trials

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Sep 20, 2016
Time 10:00 AM EDT
Cost Free
Ensuring that psychiatry clinical trial data accurately captures a compound’s safety and efficacy potential requires an approach that accounts for challenges inherent in working with a mentally ill population. Observing changes in the disease under study is partly a subjective process, and that creates risk of undue influence that the patient and/or investigator may not recognize.
Additionally, not all symptomatic improvement in mental disorders is necessarily attributable to the product under study. Some may result from unrelated factors that produce a therapeutic effect that erodes the efficacy signal of a potential treatment. These are among many issues that, if identified and mitigated early in the development process, can maximize the potential for conclusive study results.
This webinar will examine these factors, with particular focus on:
  • Study design considerations
  • Site factors
  • Subject selection and eligibility
  • Data surveillance


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