Hospitalists:Coding,Billing & Reimbursement

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Date May 24, 2017
Time 12:00 PM EDT
Cost $198.00
Description :
  • Do hospitalists perform only inpatient services or can their services include outpatient services.Do hospitalists have to code and bill for their services?
Why should You Attend?
  • What are hospitalists?
  • Are there special credentialing concerns for hospitalists?
  • Can hospitalist code and bill separately from the attending and surgical physicians?
  • Are hospitalists usually physicians or non-physician practitioners?
  • Are there special concerns about post-operative services provided in the hospital?
  • Are there any special documentation requirements for hospitalist services?
  • Is there anything unusual about enrolling hospitalists through the CMS-855s
  • What about enrolling hospitalists with private payers?
  • Are there any unusual compliance concerns with hospitalists?
Objectives of the session : 
  1. To discuss the concept of hospitalists.
  2. To understand the hospitalist model and how this approach is used by hospitals.
  3. To appreciate the clinical advantages of using hospitalists.
  4. To understand the need for special medical staff considerations.
  5. To discuss how hospitalists are reimbursed for their services.
  6. To appreciate the use of specially trained non-physician practitioners.
  7. To understand the special documentation, coding and billing concerns that arise with hospitalists.
  8. To appreciate the need for careful credentialing.
  9. To appreciate overall cost-benefit returns in using hospitalists.
  10. To understand how hospitalists relate to the Medicare global surgical package.
  11. To appreciate enrollment challenges through the CMS-855 forms.
Agenda of the session : 
  1. What Are Hospitalists?
    1. Qualifications, Education and Training
    2. Core Competencies
    3. Physicians vs. Non-Physician Practitioners
    4. Typical Specialty Areas
    5. Employment Arrangements
  2. How do Hospitalists Perform Their Services?
    1. Typical Hospitalists Activities
Medical vs. Surgical Cases
  1. Coordination of Care
  2. Interfacing to Attending and Specialty Physicians
  3. Inpatient versus Outpatient Services
  4. How Are Hospitalists Paid For Their Services?
    1. Coding and Billing for Hospitalists
    2. Medicare versus Private Third-Party Payers
    3. Enrolling Hospitalists Through the CMS-855 Forms
    4. Coordinating with Primary Care Physicians
    5. Organizing Activities for Proper Coding and Billing
    6. Surgeon to Hospitalist Relationship for the Medicare Global Surgical Package
  5. What Special Administrative Concerns Should Be Considered
    1. Medical Staff Organization Interface
    2. Credentialing
    3. Gaining Billing Privileges
    4. Special Utilization – Teacher, Consultant, Team Member
    5. Quality Improvement
    6. Compliance Issues
  6. Cost and Benefits of a Hospitalist Program
    1. Overall Costs
    2. Reimbursement Considerations
    3. Clinical and Documentation Quality
    4. Quality of Care
    5. Patient Relationships
    6. Sources for Further Information
Who should attend ?
  • Hospital Analysts
  • Compliance Personnel
  • Financial Officers
  • Utilization Review Personnel
  • Quality Assurance Personnel
  • HIM Coding Staff
  • Hospital Billing Staff
  • Medical Staff Organization Directors and Personnel
  • Physician
  • Non-Physician Practitioners
  • And Other Interested Hospital Personnel.


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