Structuring Physician Practice Acquisitions: Key Legal Considerations

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Date May 30, 2017
Time 12:00 PM EDT
Cost $198.00
Description :
  • Mr. Wolfe will be giving an overview of the Stark Law, including its 2017 modifications during this session.
  • Also, he is going to be talking about better negotiating procedures and writing physician practice procurement plans in the interest of health system, medical associations, hospitals and doctor practices.
  • The webinar will emphasize on administrative prerequisites, key benefits, valuation considerations and possible drawbacks that must be prevented.
  • Lately, the medicinal services industry has seen unique consolidation. Numerous health care companies are getting physician practices, and after that recruiting or contracting for the qualified doctor services post-procurement. Seeking after these transactions in a compliance centered way is essential in today's difficult authorization situation.
Why should you attend ?
  • As medicinal services organization and physician practices seek after obtaining procedures and move to more creative post-transaction styles, they have to deal with their compliance and business risk by guaranteeing any new plans of action are defendable under the Stark Law.
  • Preceding the advancement with any plan, they must cautiously assess if the proposed structure and budgetary terms back compliance with Stark's practical prerequisites and key principles of defensibility so they will be ready to mount a resistance in case the plan is ever objected to.
  • This webinar will concentrate on the Stark Law's fundamental practical requirements and key precepts of defensibility as they relate to physician practice acquisitions.
Areas Covered in the Session :
  • Examine best practices for writing agreements on a purchase and the related monetary terms.
  • Examine best practice for writing post transactions service plans (e.g., occupation, certified
  • Appraise the procedures for documenting fair market value and business sensibility.
  • Providing a general Stark Law summary.
  • Inspect basic regulatory necessities identified with physical practice acquisitions.
  • Services, and so forth.) and the related monetary terms.
Who will benefit :
  • Medicinal services Human Resources
  • Medicinal services executives
  • In-House Counsel
  • Medicinal services Compliance Officers
  • Medical services CFOs


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