Fixed Dose Combination Products. The Promise and Possibilities

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Date Jul 20, 2017
Time 12:00 PM EDT
Cost $199.00
Key Take Away
An appreciation of  
·         Key Drivers from a Patient and Caregiver Perspective
·         Choice of drugs for combination
·         Regulatory considerations
·         Evaluation Programs
Enormous strides have been made over the past decade using combination products to treat viral infections such as HIV and Hepatitis.  There has also been an explosion in combination therapy for treating malaria. Possibilities for treating various forms of cancer are also generating excitement.  Such developments suggest that combination therapies, based on good clinical rationale, supported by basic Discovery and preclinical research and novel ways of drug delivery could provide a strong rationale for combination drug therapy. The purpose of this Webinar is to introduce the potential and opportunities associated with such developments.
Why Should You Attend
Possibilities for Combination Products span a wide range of therapeutic areas and demographics.  Aging populations with associated requirements for managing a number of clinical conditions, or where more than one medication is required for a single condition can clearly benefit by reducing “pill burden” and enhancing compliance with the dosing regimen.
On an unrelated topic, regimens for treating many forms of cancer utilize more than one drug.  The same considerations apply to medications for some infectious conditions, especially where chronic dosing is required (eg HIV infection)  
Unit size may compromise swallowing (too-large units due to the presence of more than one drug). Creative strategies to reduce unit size would be expected to enhance compliance as consequently, efficacy
Awareness of such challenges and ideas for their resolution can enable the assembly of a suitable Target Product Profile for dosage form design.  Individuals operating in Business Development and dosage form design and evaluation would benefit from attendance.
Areas Covered In This Webinar
The session will cover the full spectrum of considerations such as 
·         Strategies driving the development of Combination Products including Life Cycle Management considerations. ii) Opportunities for Intellectual Property, 
·         Drug(s) selection, 
·         Possibilities for synergized drug delivery, 
·         Dealing with drug-drug compatibility issues.
Patient-related considerations with respect to adherence and compliance will also be discussed as will the evaluation programs required by Regulatory Agencies.
Learning Objectives
The objective of this pharmaceutical training is to provide attendees with a comprehensive account of the opportunities, considerations, challenges and programs involved in a variety of Combination Product Development programs.
Who Will Benefit
Professionals in Business Development, Marketing, Dosage Form Design, Regulatory Affairs and Project Management.
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