E/M Coding for Behavioral Health Providers: Maximize Reimbursement and Remaining Compliant

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Date Nov 28, 2017
Time 01:00 PM EDT
Cost $217.00
This webinar will teach the attendee how to appropriately document the history, physical exam, and medical decision making – or how to document for counseling time when that is the driving factor – specific to Behavioral Health. It will give you the audit points that most payer auditors are looking for so the practice/group/facility can remain compliant. Quick guides and grids will be provided to make the process easier.

Why should you attend?
For years behavioral health professionals were not concerned with coding for evaluation and management services – the psychiatric codes covered all the services that were rendered. A few years ago CPT overhauled the psychiatric codes and this ushered the need to pay closer attention to documenting and coding for evaluation and management services. Since most services rendered by behavioral health specialists is usually associated with counseling time understanding the nuances in regards to clinical documentation and choosing the correct code is important to ensure proper reimbursement and compliance to CPT and payer rules and requirements. The practice is not only at risk for lost revenue due to under coding or under documentation – but they are also at risk for costly audits that are becoming more and more popular each year. Procedure coding is often straightforward; however, E/M documentation and coding are not.

Areas Covered in the session:
  • How to document the History, Physical Exam, and Medical Decision Making or counseling session and time in the medical record.
  • How to use the documentation to choose the appropriate E/M CPT code.
  • Discuss how to use the time to choose the E/M code – when is it appropriate and what needs to be documented.
  • Will cover audit points that many payer auditors look for when auditing the charts.
  • How to communicate with your providers the importance of documentation – and actually get them to HEAR you!
Who will benefit:
Behavioral Health Specialists, Psychiatrists, Development Specialists --
Practice Managers, Office Managers, Medical Billers, Medical Coders, MD,
DO, NP, PA, Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialists, MR Auditors,
Front Desk


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