Chargemaster Coordinators: Duties & Functions

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Date May 23, 2018
Time 12:00 PM EDT
Cost $218.00
The chargemaster is a complex part of the overall coding, billing and reimbursement process for hospitals.Chargemaster coordinators develop and maintain the chargemaster and must have a wide variety of capabilities and experience.Regardless of the background of a new chargemaster coordinator, there are generally gaps in background areas that must be addressed.This workshop provides an overview of the duties, functions and background that is needed for chargemaster coordinators.
  • What does a Chargemaster Coordinator do?
  • What kind of background should a Chargemaster Coordinator have?
  • What special skills and abilities should a Chargemaster Coordinator possess?
  • How should the sensitive issue of hospital charges and pricing be handled?
  • Do Chargemaster Coordinators need special leadership skills?
  • Do Chargemaster Coordinators need to work with committees in addressing challenges?
  • Do Chargemaster Coordinators need to know about compliance issues?
  • To whom should a Chargemaster Coordinator report?
  • What kinds of policies and procedures need to be developed?
  • Should the Chargemaster Coordinator be meeting with hospital departments on a regular basis?
  • Are there any certifications for Chargemaster Coordinators?
Webinar Objectives:
  • To Review The Purpose and Function of the Chargemaster
  • To Understand the Duties and functions of a Chargemaster Coordinator.
  • To Appreciate The Technical Skills and Personal Knowledge That Chargemaster Coordinators Must Maintain
  • To Have A Systematic Process For Reviewing and Maintaining The Chargemaster
  • To Discuss Compliance Concerns That Must Be Addressed By Chargemaster Coordinators
  • To Review Strategies For Pricing And Use of Revenue Codes
  • To Assess Different Methods For Making Changing And Updating The Chargemaster
  • To Discuss the Need for Extensive Chargemaster Policies and Procedures
  • Appreciate the Need to Work With Other Hospital Department and Personnel.
Agenda of the session:
  • Overview of the Chargemaster Form, Structure and Contents
    • Billing System Influence
    • Special Service Area Requirements
    • Chargemaster Interfaces
    • Pricing, Charge and Cost Report Issues
  • Chargemaster Coordinator Knowledge and Abilities
    • Charge Master Coordinator Job Description
    • Personal Characteristics and Skills of Chargemaster Coordinator
    • Educational Background for Chargemaster Coordinators
  • Special Functions for Chargemaster Coordinators
    • Reviewing Departmental Needs
    • Assisting with Revenue Cycle Optimization
    • Establishing Hospital Charges and Transparent Pricing
    • Reviewing/Auditing For Compliance Issues
    • Development of Chargemaster Policies and Procedures
    • Systematically Changing and Maintaining the Chargemaster
    • Working With Coding Staff
    • Working With Hospital Cost Reporting Personnel
  • Special Situations – Example and Case Studies
  • Sources for Additional Information.
Prerequisites for Participating:
A general understanding of the chargemaster and the charge development process is assumed.

Who will be benefit:
Chargemaster Coordinators, Billing and Claims Generation Personnel, Compliance Personnel, Patient Financial Management Personnel, Cost Accounting Personnel, Cost Report Personnel, Financial Analysts, Managed Care Contract Personnel, Revenue Enhancement Personnel, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Compliance Officers, Financial Planners, All Other Hospital Personnel Interested in Pricing.


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