How To Integrate Pre-Hire Assessments Into Your Recruitment Process

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Date Dec 6, 2018
Time 04:00 PM EDT
Cost Free
How do you really know if a candidate will be a great fit for your healthcare organization? If your interview process includes the typical resume reviews and interviews to determine candidate choice, you could be opening your organization to the potential of lost time, revenue, or even worse consequences if the wrong person is hired for a key position. So how do you guard against making poor hiring decisions? Many forward-thinking hospitals, clinics, and healthcare systems have implemented pre-hire predictive testing to assess candidate culture and personality fit. While these tools can be very helpful in hiring, if used incorrectly they can negatively impact your hiring results. This webinar will help you assess your current pre-hire testing practices (if applicable) and help you establish a solid future strategy to improve your hiring results.
How To:
  • Implement the best pre-hire candidate testing strategy for your healthcare organization.
  • Select & design pre-hire tests based on your unique organizational culture & specific role requirements.
  • Avoid common mistakes made when integrating pre-hire testing into the interview process.
  • Discover new tools to compliment pre-hire testing to improve your overall results.


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