Physician Employment Agreements: Items to Consider

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Date Mar 8, 2019
Time 03:30 PM EDT
Cost $179.00

It is important that the parties entering into a physician employment agreement understand the complexities of the agreement. Too often, the agreement leaves out important issues that are raised later in the term, much to the detriment of one of the parties.

Why should you attend this webinar?

Formal written contracts establish the legal relationship between the parties; they state the terms and conditions of that relationship and the rights and obligations of each party. They confirm the intentions and relationships of the parties as they enter into this relationship, and they eliminate uncertainties regarding mutual rights, obligations, and relationships. If everything remained as it is at the time the agreement is signed, there would be little need for formal documents. However, the agreement serves to protect against future disputes. Therefore, it should include as precise language as possible. Ambiguous terms in agreements are of little effect when disputes occur over the meaning of a party's rights or obligations.
You should attend to gain an understanding of what should and what should not be in a physician employment agreement.

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • Understand the language in terms used in Physician employment agreements;
  • Avoid mistakes commonly made by Physicians entering into employment agreements; and
  • Understand what to look for when entering into an employment agreement and avoid potential pitfalls.
Who can Benefit:
  • Hospital executives, particularly CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CNOs, and CMOs,
  • Physicians, and
  • Physician practice managers.
Speaker Profile

William Mack Copeland, MS, JD, PhD, LFACHE is Keynote Speaker at ComplianceKey. He practices health care law in Cincinnati at the firm of Copeland Law, LLC, where he is president and CEO.


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