Intangibles Matter: Mining Advantages in the Connected Age Part 2: Coach Approach Leadership: A Management Style

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Sep 12, 2019
Time 12:00 PM EDT
Cost Free
Research supports the theory that people in general and Millennials, in particular, are heavily influenced by three internal motivators: the opportunity for real responsibility and choice, the opportunity to create an identity and build self-esteem, along with an opportunity to experience a sense of making a meaningful contribution.

This webinar introduces a people-centric management approach based on the fundamentals of coaching. It encourages the individual to accept responsibility and ownership. Management’s goals are to unlock a person’s potential to maximize their own performance while providing opportunities and support for personal growth. 

Series Goals and Outcomes

• To introduce the concept of Emotional Intelligence (EQ), a recognition of its value, advantages, and a structure to strengthen it
• To introduce concepts of coaching and an understanding of adapting coaching techniques to improve productivity, accountability, and creativity
• To introduce the concept of high-performance environments; their creation, sustainability, and long-term advantages and ROI



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