Maximizing Performance In This Time of Unexpected Complexity

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Date Apr 1, 2020
Time 09:00 AM EDT
Cost Free
Speaker: Gaurav Bhalla, PhD Executive Coach and Master Trainer, Knowledge Kinetics

COVID-19 is an unalloyed human and economic tragedy disrupting the lives of thousands of people around the world. Regardless of which scenario businesses believe will unfold – quick recovery or prolonged slowdown – leadership and businesses must respond. They have no option but to maximize their performance, given this UNEXPECTED EVENT. Maximizing performance is the best gift businesses can give themselves, their employees, their customers – and society. Consequently, I have developed a Zoom-based, 3-hour Boot camp, “Maximizing Performance In This Time of Unexpected Complexity,” so that companies can achieve the highest level of performance in today’s unexpected and uncertain environment.

The Boot camp has an unadulterated obsession with “developing immediately implementable initiatives.” Therefore, it focuses on the three most critical challenges businesses are likely to face:
 1. Anticipation (the ability to see differently; removing blinkers)
2. Resilience (the ability to adapt and alter rigid and dominant “should dos”)
3. Expertise Culture (the ability to transcend rank and embrace cognitive diversity)
This is not a time for planning. No. Planning will reinforce rigidities and inhibit resilience. This is not a time for meetings; urgency and creative friction are the need of the hour – not consensus. Which is why I designed this program. Because, what’s needed most is the ability to see, interpret, and act differently, so that companies can maximize short-term performance.



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