Creating a Virtual Interdependent Team: The Challenges and Importance of Teamwork in the New Normal

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Date Sep 15, 2020
Time 03:00 PM EDT
Cost $159.00
As a child we are dependent on our family for food, shelter, and social interaction. As a teen and young adult, we want to break away, do our own thing, become independent.
After a while we realize that we need others to succeed, a partner, friends, co-workers, we need them, and they need us – interdependence.
The pandemic has changed the way we do business, measure success, and act as a team. It has shown that working out of home, physical distancing, and working independently may be part of the path forward.
But, as we have learned in life, can we remain independent?
This webinar focuses on how to create an interdependence in a changed business world where virtual teams are the New Normal.
As the world we work and live in continually evolves, so must we. It is a challenge – the world of Sept 2019 is gone, the current environment is dynamic, and what our organization will look like 5 months from now is unknown.
By embracing some of the recent changes (virtual teams) and reinforcing the importance of being a team (interdependence) we provide a perception of being in control, minimizing any fear or doubt by our team members.
• What is Interdependency?
• Why is it important in a team?
• How does having virtual team members impact this model?
• What are some key learnings during the H1N1 and COVID19 Pandemics?
• What immediate actions need to be put in place for creating a Virtual Interdependent Team
• Embrace change and encourage virtual teamwork
• Maintain a team approach no matter the circumstances
• Understand the challenges ahead
• Virtual performance management
• Create an action plan for the virtual teams in the workplace
This topic is not industry specific, all industries can benefit.
• Team leaders
• Supervisors
• Managers
• Project Managers
• IT Project Managers
• Project Coordinators
• Project Analysts
• Project Leaders
• Senior Project Managers
• Team Leaders
• Product Managers
• Program Managers

Daniel Fay is Managing Director for BrenDaniel Productions Corp. Dan provides organizations around the world with a framework for business management and executive excellence. Dan has conducted programs in business management, business analysis, project management methodol-ogies, and leadership principles.
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