Crucial Compensation Conversations-Understanding and Communicating the Compensation System

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Date Feb 15, 2021
Time 01:00 PM EDT
Cost $150.00
There may be one thing in organizational life no HR or Payroll department wants to get wrong, that is the paycheck of any employee! This webinar does not address payroll processing. It does address how your workers’ compensation plan is built on a philosophy, designed to achieve specific results from the perspective of recruiting, retaining, and engaging the workforce.
Variation in approaches with different job groupings or classifications is possible and even desirable. And how do you keep up to date on your “Pay” package? We will address these and many other areas of employee compensation and benefits in the webinar.

Why Should You Attend
Do you have complaints about the compensation system, from staff, managers, leadership, or HR? Where are the issues coming from and why? Or are you looking for options to make your workers’ compensation plan more aligned with the market, technology, the environment?
This webinar explores the crucial compensation conversations and helps you optimize your system.

Objectives of the Presentation
This webinar can help you sort through the issues of employee compensation and benefits and develop a plan of action for addressing your most critical questions. The webinar will also help you link organization performance with employee compensation and benefits.

Areas Covered in the Session 
» Defining the philosophy/philosophies of your compensation system
» The link to performance management
» Environment scans and adjustments
» Defining market competitive pay
» Total compensation defined
» Variable pay options
» Assessing and auditing your current workers’ compensation plan
» Challenges of alignment
» Roles of managers, employees and HR in the compensation system
» COLA vs. P4P
» Forms/Tools/Communications — communicating compensation to employees
» Merit Matrix Models

Who Will Benefit 
» HR staff
» Compensation Specialists
» Business Owners
» Board members
» Supervisors/Managers
» Anyone who has responsibility for compensation
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