Successfully Manage Employees Who Work from Home

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Date Apr 14, 2021
Time 12:00 PM EDT
Cost $150.00
Though there has been a recent trend toward employers offering remote working and telecommuting arrangements, having a majority of your workforce working from home can be daunting when leaders and managers have firm deliverables and deadlines to meet. This webinar will review the benefits of allowing employees to work from home and give managers the tools they still need to get the performance they expect from their teams.

Why Should You Attend
Do you worry about employees actually getting work their done if they are not in the office? Or how the team is going to collaborate on important customer deliverables if everyone is not in the office? Or if they will get distracted by laundry and kids? Or if they are job hunting on LinkedIn since you’ve given them the option of telecommuting?
By attending this webinar, you will learn how you can mitigate the potential lost productivity of having employees working from home. Discover how to keep employee trust, bonding, collaboration, and accountability happening when you can’t see your employee working in the office each day. After attending this webinar, you will change your mindset and skillset for how to manage remote workers, not only during the current crisis, but for the future as well.

Areas Covered in the Session 
 » Potential pitfalls of having employees work remotely
 » Signs of possible employee disengagement
 » Creating a culture of trust and sharing
 » What a manager can do to establish trust and accountability
 » How to use technology to bridge the “visual” gap
 » Balancing face to face, telephone and remote work
 » What to “measure" to make sure work is getting done and employees are putting in the hours you expect
 » Benefits of a remote workforce
 » Should you allow employees to work from home when the crisis is over?

Who Will Benefit 
 » HR Managers and all functional line managers in any business
 » CEO’s
 » VP’s
 » Middle Managers
 » Supervisors
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