The Future of Recruiting: AI Chatbots to enrich the Application & Interviewing Process

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Date Sep 16, 2021
Time 11:30 AM EDT
Cost Free

Wondering how digital tools can assist recruiters in streamlining daily workflows and harnessing social networking and job board sites? Chatbots are making the recruitment process easier by simplifying screening and analysis. AI-powered chatbots play matchmaker between the recruiter and the candidates.

Join us on the webinar, “The Future of Recruiting: AI chatbots to enrich the application and interview process,” and learn more. Tune in as our Chatbot experts Ritwik Bose & Kevin Kingsly share their insights on the future of the recruiting process.

Juggling multiple tasks, Endless follow-ups, the offer hopping candidate, profile & skill mismatch have all been problems that the recruiter has been facing for ages. Your recruiters might be facing the same challenges now, compounded by the new normal.  

If you are in pursuit of optimizing the recruitment process and turning your recruitment team into a well-oiled machine, enriching recruiter-candidate relationships, this webinar is for you.    

Join our Chatbot experts Ritwik Bose & Kevin Kingsly for the exclusive webinar "The Future of Recruiting: AI chatbots to enrich the application and interviewing process", where they tell you how to battle the challenges of recruitment in the new remote-centric work environment, and how chatbots can assist to transform the application and interviewing process. 

In this webinar, we will discuss:    

  • Automating recruiting activities by using AI-powered conversations
  • Saving hiring time by qualification and scheduling workflows
  • Creating an engagement tool that integrates for real-time updates


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