The Midlife Crisis of Organizations: How to Avoid the no Man's Land between Enthusiasm and Perfection - Webinar by TrainHR

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Date Jun 12, 2014
Time 12:00 PM EDT
Cost $145.00
Overview : Any business runs through different stages during its existence. Many organizations are trapped between operational optimization and the staff's enthusiasm, and risk losing both. We call this the "organizational midlife crisis." However, business leaders can positively influence the lifecycle if they are aware of it. 

Why is this important? 

Your employees' enthusiasm and commitment are decisive for your business's success. However, enthusiasm declines over time if it is not continuously nurtured. On the other hand, no business can profitably grow or maintain efficiency if it does not implement operational standards and processes. The challenge is that too many standards, policies, and rules can kill enthusiasm.

That is why most businesses run during their existence through a life cycle from unorganized, but exciting, to over-organized, but boring. Both stages are hardly profitable and sustainable.

The best companies in the world, however, find a way to keep the enthusiasm at a very high level while at the same time implementing the needed processes, standards, rules, and policies to become scalable and efficient. As an effect, they are more robust, more profitable, can grow faster, and are extremely attractive as employers.

In this webinar, we will introduce a new perspective on sustained high performance and how to get there for each business, no matter which size, maturity, or industry. We will explain very specific strategies and tactics to achieve sustained high performance, based on enthusiastic people and extremely efficient operations, no matter if you just started out or if your organization has existed already for dozens of years.

We will challenge some common paradigms of business success and provide new insights into the relation between the psychology of success and operational efficiency, a powerful combination that has hardly been addressed until today.

We will introduce a powerful model that you can apply directly and that guides you through the different steps to become a sustained highest-performing organization, based on your people's enthusiasm and operational productivity. 

Why should you attend: The most successful businesses in the world create and maintain a perfect balance between highly engaged and enthusiastic employees, on the one hand, and extremely efficient processes on the other. In other words: They combine a high individual productivity-based on inspiration and enthusiasm-with an outstanding collective efficiency-based on world-class business processes.

The reality for most organizations looks very different: either they have an enthusiastic workforce, but lack standardized processes and efficiency, or they perform on a high level of operational efficiency, but many staff members feel disengaged and demotivated. The former is a typical stage of young companies, the latter of mature organizations.

You should attend this webinar if you are a business leader or manager who wants to unleash dramatic potentials for productivity and further growth by understanding how to run highly efficient operational processes and at the same time have an enthusiastic staff.

You will greatly benefit from the webinar, no matter if you are working for a startup, a small or midsize business, or a larger corporation. 

In particular, you should attend this webinar if you agree with at least one of the following statements:
  • Yes, I want to learn how the best organizations in the world manage this balance between perfectionism and personal freedom
  • Yes, I wish that our employees would be more enthusiastic about our business and our products and services
  • Yes, we lost some of the aspiration from the starting phase of our company
  • Yes, for the sake of efficiency, we standardized parts or all of our business processes, but still run too many exceptions to these standards
  • Yes, our organization has so many standards and policies in place that there is hardly any space for creativity and fun
  • Yes, quite a few of our employees complain about too many rules and procedures
  • Yes, quite a few of our employees ask for more standardization and clearer responsibilities
  • Yes, we are not always sure about the best balance between strict rules and lots of freedom for our staff
  • Yes, we could become more productive by more standardized processes, but also do not want to restrict the creativity of our staff
  • Sometimes, we tend to perfectionize things even if not necessary
  • Sometimes, we tend to be too sloppy with our tasks and timelines

In a nutshell, this webinar should be attended by all business leaders and managers who want to develop their organization toward outstanding performance, based on an enthusiastic workforce and optimized business operations.

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • The typical life cycle of any business from start to end
  • The hidden top reason why young businesses fail and what they can do about it
  • The top reason why midsize business fail to grow faster and become more profitable and what they can do about it
  • The top reason why large corporations lose profit and agility and what they can do about it
  • How you can assess your company's position in this life cycle
  • Why you probably have by far more productivity potential than you are aware of
  • A powerful four-quadrant model for deriving the best high-performance strategy for your business
  • The seven steps to drive your organization to the high performance of the best businesses in the world
  • The seven most common traps on this journey
  • What to put in place immediately after the webinar

Who Will Benefit:
  • All Business Leaders
  • Managers
  • CEOs
  • Business Unit Heads
  • Operational Managers


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