Creating Your Compensation Strategy Document

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Date Nov 19, 2013
Time 01:00 PM EDT
Cost $149.00
Employee pay is likely your organization's single largest expense item, but do you know whether that money is being spent effectively and efficiently, or do you fear that perhaps a portion is simply wasted?  Having a plan that directs organization and management efforts in rewarding employees is key to putting you on the right path to the proper use of your payroll dollars.

This webinar will walk the listener through an understanding why having a Compensation Strategy is so important, how to go about the process of creating a compelling document unique to your organization, and then will point out the pitfalls to avoid to make sure your success is long lasting.

Creating a Compensation Strategy document is all about defining and articulating a plan for spending the company's single largest expense item - payroll dollars.  But there is often confusion as to what is a strategy, vs. a mission statement vs. the tactic of an ad hoc "keep doing whatever it is we're doing" administration.

This session will first answer the "why" question, then explain the process of constructing an appropriate strategy document for your organization (vs. the generic off-the-shelf variety).  We will cover the internal challenges that one should expect to face, and how to overcome them.  And in so doing the listener will explore several issues unique to their organization that should be considered when thinking, "what should we say"?

For the unconvinced we will also address the "leave well enough alone" angle that is often raised by the nay-sayers and passive resistors.
There are choices to make as to what form of strategy the company wishes to employ, each with advantages and complications.  But whichever is chosen, there are two primary aims  that any organization should understand and commit to - or else they should walk away.
From that point we show the step-by-step process of building a proper strategy document, discussing eight key elements should be considered in the design phase.  Every organization is unique unto themselves, but all should include aspects of each of these practical design considerations; they form a map of the pathway forward.

And when the document is complete we will address having your effort approved by senior management, and then how we'll cover how to go about the correct form of communications (hint: it isn't a memo).
In closing we'll remind listeners that their efforts never really end, as any communication device has a life cycle that should be respected. Strategies change from time to time, as do the needs of fortunes of the business.

And if the organization wishes to walk the talk with their compensation strategy, to make it work for them and their employees, the process of recommitment is ongoing.

Areas Covered in the Session :
This session will explore the following topics:
  • Why you should have a strategy
  • Your choice of strategies
  • The roadblocks you'll likely face
  • The primary aims of any strategy
  • The eight elements to consider when designing your strategy
  • Getting your strategy document approved
  • The importance of proper communications
  • What you should do tomorrow
Who Will Benefit:
This is a must attend webinar for all:
  • Compensation Practitioners
  • HR Generalists
  • Payroll professionals
  • Human Resources
  • Accounting Personnel
  • Compensation Managers
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Speaker Profile:
Chuck Csizmar has a deep and broad experience in the design, implementation and communication of US and international compensation programs. Long recognized by WorldatWork as a Certified Compensation Professional (CCP) Chuck has been a practitioner working with US and International program design and development, global compensation review, acquisition and integration strategies, incentive and sales compensation, compensation training, expatriate programs, and performance management strategies. Chuck is Founder & Principal of CMC Compensation Group, specializing in analytic, project management and consultative services for US and International clients. He is also associated with several Human Resources consulting firms (US and International) as a subject matter expert for global compensation issues. Prior to establishing his own consulting firm Chuck was based in London on expatriate assignment as the Director of European Compensation & Benefits for Pitney Bowes. In this position he led the design and management of Total Reward programs in seventeen countries. He is a member of WorldatWork, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and the Florida HR People & Strategy Affiliate. He has been published as a subject matter expert in several national publications and provides original material for several professional association newsletters. He has developed and hosted numerous webinars and is a featured contributing author for several HR blogs


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