Conversation a la Carte - The Art of Conversation and Networking Data Management for an Affirmative Action Plan

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Date Jul 22, 2014
Time 12:00 PM EDT
Cost $145.00
You are nervous and tongue tied at business and social events and dread attending company parties, networking events and engaging in small talk. At times you are so distracted you can only think to ask, "What do you do?" At business events you look for people you already know or hang out at the bar or buffet.
You aren't alone. Competent, talented, intelligent people from all walks of life need assistance in developing conversation and social skills. These skills are necessary in a world where your business success can depend on developing successful relationships with colleagues, clients, and customers. As a study at Harvard University discovered, 15% of your financial success and the reason you get a job, keep a job and advance in a job is related to your training and expertise while 85 % is dependent on your people skills. 

If you are distracted and worrying about what to say, you may lose your focus or become less effective and in business a missed opportunity can be a lost opportunity. Learning the art of small talk and becoming a good conversationalist is important because it is integral to establishing rapport. Small talk is the icebreaker that clears the way for more in depth conversations, laying the foundation for stronger relationships. It is true that people buy goods and services from those they know and trust. Being a good conversationalist can enhance your leadership abilities, reduce your anxiety in social situations, boost your confidence and lead to new clients, customers and friends.

If you need to boost your self confidence, climb the corporate ladder, broaden your business and social circles and feel comfortable in any social situation from dinner, increase your social intelligence then training in the art of conversation and hands on cocktail etiquette and networking skills is for you. 

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • The Art of Networking - rationale, meaning, myths and method
  • How to enter a room
  • Find approachable people in a room full of strangers
  • Finesse the cocktail party
  • Manage business cards
  • Avoid awkward silences
  • Start conversations even when you have nothing to say
  • Ice breakers for business and pleasure
  • Increase Social Intelligence
  • Improve your listening skills
  • Remember names
  • Enter a group
  • Tossing the conversation ball
  • Conversation killers and conversation bombs
  • Exit conversations gracefully
  • How to turn every social or business event into an opportunity for success.

Who Will Benefit:
  • Executives
  • Managers
  • Young Business People
  • University/college Students
  • Individuals who wish to increase their confidence and improve their Conversation and Networking Skills
Speaker Profile: Louise Fox
recognized as Canada's Etiquette Expert is the owner and expert host of MannersTV and the owner of The Etiquette Ladies with affiliates world wide. She has been trained and certified in Business Etiquette and International Protocol. 

Following a successful career as a social worker and provincial government consultant, Louise trained as a chef at George Brown College and the Cordon Bleu School in London England. She owned a country inn in Muskoka for ten years and was the director of the International School of Service and Hospitality. After studying Event and Meeting Management Louise took her talent and creativity to the corporate world as an event planner for a major international law firm in Toronto. 

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