Free HR Webinar - How To Increase Workplace Productivity and Reduce HR Costs in Five Steps

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Date Aug 28, 2014
Time 11:00 AM EDT
Cost Free
HR is one of the great mysteries of business management. What is it? Well basically, it is anything to do with the people in your business - yourself, your management team, your staff, your customers, your suppliers. Few realise that HR Management and Staffing are the most costly areas in a business and that 78% of those businesses are not managing it efficiently - this costs businesses billions each year.

Former Business Manager, Executive Leader and now HR Business Coach & Advisor, Steve Owen, presents this free HR webinar to show you how to simplify your HR Planning in five basic steps using a proven framework. By implementing Steve's nationally recognised strategies, business owners can align themselves to this framework, saving time, energy and money by being proactive and getting things right - the first time.

In this webinar you will learn :
  • What is the true definition of HR (Human Resources)
  • What does poor HR planning cost a business
  • How to identify whether your business is growing...or not
  • Which areas of your business are costing you money
  • The five step framework that aligns your structure and moves your business forward (Australian National Standard)
A member of the nationally recognised HR Coach Australasia Network, Steve and his business On The Level HR provides free Human Resources training online and has the most up to date data, tools and systems to support business owners, managers and HR/Admin staff.

Note - although Steve uses stats and data provided by the HR Coach Research Institute in Australia, the strategies and methodology are applicable in any workplace environment, anywhere in the world.


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