Reality Based Rules of the Workplace

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Date Nov 26, 2013
Time 01:00 PM EDT
Cost $145.00
Overview : Organizational Strategic Plans are calling for talent to deliver aggressive agendas with limited resources in a whole new set of work realities. It is vital that HR professionals adopt a whole new approach in regards to ensuring that human resources are able to deliver on strategic goals of the organization. In this session, Cy introduces a revolutionary new performance metric for quantifying employee value to the organization. 

Join Cy as she reveals five groundbreaking findings, "New Rules of the Workplace" that call for HR to completely change its approach to managing change, measuring performance, and creating engagement in order to truly support business missions and strategies. 

Why should you attend: Join Cy Wakeman, New York Times best selling author, national keynote speaker, and favorite blogger for and for her Reality-Based Rules of the Workplace web session.
Participants will be introduced to a new employee value metric and formula that incorporates the impact of "emotional expensiveness" on productivity and performance. Cy Wakeman also reveals a new coaching model that reinforces personal accountability and introduces the 5 Rules of the Workplace, a set of groundbreaking findings that will completely revolutionize traditional HR strategies for managing organizational change.

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • Reveal a new employee value metric and formula - a key performance indicator of employee contribution to strategic goals.
  • Provide a new coaching model to communicate and reinforce those organizational behavioural expectations proven to most highly impact results - emotional expensiveness.
  • Highlight ways in which key HR systems and initiatives need to be significantly altered to drive results and deliver value on the organization's strategic initiatives
  • Introduce the Reality Based Rules of the Workplace - five ground breaking findings that will completely revolutionize traditional HR strategies for managing organizational change.

Who Will Benefit:
  • HR Managers
  • HR Leaders
  • HR Directors
  • Chief Human Resource Officers

Cy Wakeman is a highly sought after conference headliner, business consultant, New York Times bestselling author, and trainer who has spent over 20 years cultivating a revolutionary approach to leadership. Grounded in reality, Wakeman’s philosophy teaches people how to turn excuses into results and transform unhappy employees into accountable, successful members of the workforce. 

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