When More Isn’t Better: Why Passion Always Trumps Volume in Hiring

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Date Dec 11, 2014
Time 02:00 PM EDT
Cost Free
Has ATS gone the way of Tinder? While applicant tracking systems (ATS) democratized hiring for job seekers and employers alike, automating a painful process, they also depersonalized it, making it a numbers game.
Dispassionate candidates submit countless, nonspecific applications, while recruiters ratchet up the number of resumes received, only to look at a few. Each party thinks they are gaming the system – in reality, the system is a game.
We’ll debate whether technology has made hiring a passionless exercise, resulting in broken, bloated pipelines – too many candidates, too much noise, too little passion – and if technology designed to save time creates the problem it intended to solve.
Hear how both sides must move from fear to focus to win, and why you don’t need 1000 applications to find a great job – or 1000 applicants to make the right hire.
Learn why recruiters should be more passionate about fewer candidates, AND candidates should be more passionate about fewer opportunities, plus:
  • How to build a recruiting process that attracts passionate performers
  • How better volume leads to worse hires and hurts productivity
  • The New Metrics and how we’re all measuring wrong
  • Five questions to ask hiring managers before posting any job
  • What recruiting metrics should be on your radar in 2015


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