Webinar: Build, Retain and Develop Your Sales Forces (Language: Vietnamese)

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Jun 30, 2016
Time 11:00 PM EDT
Cost Free
According to a research by Hunter and Schmidt, there are three groups in a sales team: star group occupying 16% of team members, middle group taking up 68% and bottom group populating 16%. However, there exists a huge gap between the revenue brought by these three groups: star salespeople produce more revenue by 32% compared to middle ones and by 64% compared to bottom ones.
The question is, how to build a sales team only consisting of middle and star salespeople while avoiding recruiting bottom salespeople?
Register our monthly webinar “Build, Retain and Develop your Sales Forces” to find a solution for this question.
The webinar is going to cover the following points:
  • Build – Right people – right job
  • Manage – Taking notice of personality and manage with pipeline
  • Retain – Appropriate and flexible reward and recognition, setting SMART goal for employees
  • Develop – Coaching, training to assist salespeople achieve goals set in step 3.


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