Travel Pay

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Date May 16, 2017
Time 12:00 PM EDT
Cost $198.00
Description :

The people who will participate are going to gain valuable information to comprehend what is known as compensable travel pay from a gross pay and extra time calculation. Court case experiences that are real will be shared to help in increasing learning.The participant who attends the webinar will be given tools so as to comprehend ways of handling the expenses from IRS and taxation concern for workers who travel.

Why should you attend ?
  • During this webinar, we will cover all the departments of labor prerequisites for employees that travel to involve not only travel pay for a one-day task but also overnight involvements, meeting, training controls and waiting time.
  • This webinar will likewise incorporate IRS controls for a better comprehension around taxable and non-taxable costs. The most effective method to legitimately deal with spousal travel and regular flyer miles.
Areas Covered in the Session :
  • Net Pay/Overtime Concerns
  • Stating "Hours Worked"
  • Preparatory and Postliminary Undertakings
  • "On-Call" Time
  • "On-Duty" Waiting Time
  • Seminar and Training Time
  • Travel Time
  • Tax collection and Expense Concerns
  • IRS Travel Expense Concerns
  • Accountable and Non-Accountable Expense plans
Who will benefit :
  • Any individual who secures employees
  • Payroll HR Experts


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