Mitigating Top Fraud Risks for Businesses

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Date Jun 7, 2017
Time 12:00 PM EDT
Cost $199.00
Businesses continue to be assailed by financial frauds. Is your business prepared to identify and mitigate common threats? Are your accounts protected with appropriate security? How would you respond to a threat against your operating account?
This fast-paced, informative session provides businesses with a realistic view of financial fraud today, how fraudsters target business employees, and even analyses the most common frauds by payment system. The bulk of the session focuses on appropriate internal and external controls. Combined, this information helps arm a business with knowledge to implement sound risk management strategies and account controls designed to reduce exposure.
Note: this fraud prevention training only provides a high-level overview of the frauds; the primary focus is on identifying sound risk management practices and controls to reduce exposure to financial fraud and related losses.
Why Should You Attend
Fraud costs businesses financial losses, causes reputational and legal damage, and can even put a business in non-compliance with state and federal consumer protection laws. Simple changes to internal risk management strategies and account controls can put your business in a better position to avoid losses and related fall-out of fraud.
Areas Covered in this Webinar
Index of common frauds by payment system (i.e. cards, ACH, Wire Transfer, etc.)
Security expert findings on the techniques criminals use to initiate attacks
Common practices that can put a company at risk 
Sound internal risk management strategies
Exploring external account controls
Incorporating internal fraud assessments into your organization
Valuable resources
Learning Objectives
Identify the red flags of common forms financial fraud targeting businesses
Assess risky company practices
Review sound risk management strategies and controls to minimize exposure
Assemble action items to improve internal controls and security
Record valuable resources
Who Will Benefit
Operations Managers
Executive Management 
Audit / Compliance 
Risk management
Lenders / Credit Officers
Treasury / Product Management
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