Substance Abuse Awareness for Supervisors: Alcohol, Opiates, and Marijuana in the Workplace

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Date Jun 23, 2017
Time 03:00 PM EDT
Cost $159.00
Key Take Away
This DOT reasonable suspicion training helps managers and supervisors become better aware of drug and alcohol use by their employees.
The US is facing a severe opiate abuse crisis, including pills and Heroin. Recent changes in state marijuana and medical marijuana use have made it difficult for companies, HR managers, and managers and supervisors to know what is now legal or illegal when it comes to pot use by employees, on and off the job. This webinars covers the most common drugs of use and abuse, including stimulants, like meth and cocaine; hallucinogens; opiates; marijuana; alcohol; depressants, and dissociative anesthetics. The session discusses the protocols for drug testing, results discussions, and return to work.
Why Should You Attend
It’s difficult for many managers and supervisors to develop the courage to confront suspected drug and alcohol use in their employees. They often don’t trust their intuition about suspected drug or alcohol use and may rationalize the employee’s performance or behavior. They don’t know how to send the employee for testing or treatment.
Areas Covered In This Webinar
Drugs and alcohol abuse; types of drugs employees abuse and why; the testing process; treatment programs; discipline and termination; and return to work.
Learning Objectives
·         Recognize how drugs and alcohol are abused.
·         Know how to identify the signs, symptoms, and behaviors of employee drug or alcohol use.
·         Know how to have “crucial conversation” with employees suspected of drug or alcohol use.
·         Understand the drug testing process, discipline, and return to work, and termination.
Who Will Benefit
HR managers, Department Directors, Managers and Supervisors.
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