PowerPoint for the Technical Professional: Conveying the Complicated without Confusion.

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Date Jul 11, 2017
Time 03:00 PM EDT
Cost $159.00
Key Take Away
In order to create presentations that convey technical information to non-technical audiences, you must design slides which are easy to consume in your desired platform (webinar, live, conference hall). Great presentations keep audiences interacting with you and your content throughout the presentation. This webinar will help you incorporate techniques and tools to accomplish this and more!
Sure, anyone can throw some text and Power Point graphs on a Power Point presentation slide. But, is it really supporting your message? Bad Power Point Business Plans and Business Plan PPTs do worse than not support the speaker. They actually detract from the message and make audiences disconnect from the speaker!
The more complex the content, the more challenge the presenter has in designing presentation media that will really engage the audience and clarify information that isn’t in their general realm.
Whether you’re a rocket scientist or a research analyst, you have this challenge. Microsoft Certified Trainer, Melissa Esquibel has been meeting this challenge for decades, successfully. Learn her secrets, shortcuts and success tips in this lively 90-minute webinar. We’ll cover:
·         Fast-tracking content onto slides, so you don’t spend hours typing
·         Guidelines for content load on a single slide
·         How to incorporate complex charts and graphs into your presentation without causing your audiences to squint
·         Why the handout and the presentations are two totally different types of media
Why Should You Attend
Getting up in front of an audience is tough enough. Like it or not, it’s a “sales job.” You must convey your message in such a way that your attendees feel that they have received value for their investment of time. It’s not just about you in front of the room. It’s more about them walking away with more information, an important message, or a call to action.
Careers are made and broken by the ability to deliver a presentation over multiple platforms (online, in person, in print). If this task is the one you dread, this webinar is absolutely for you!
You know what it’s like to sit through a boring presentation. Think about what made the experience unpleasant: monotone speaker, hard to read slides, hard to understand terminology, no opportunity to interact. These are the pitfalls of every presentation, but are more prevalent when the content is highly technical because of audience unfamiliarity. And, if you have to present a not so popular point of view (compliance, audit, security, rules, regulations, etc.), you must go the extra mile to engage your audience and give them an opportunity to feel positive about your message. It may be a daunting task, but a well-crafted presentation can take you a long way toward meeting the goal.
Areas Covered In This Webinar
·         Outline method of generating presentation content
·         Starting your presentation in Word, instead
·         Content guidelines: How much is too much?
·         Positioning content on the slide
·         Working with SmartArt
·         Working with imported Excel Charts and Data
·         Mastering Slide Masters
Learning Objectives
·         Position your presentation for any environment
·         Preparation tips
·         Live presentation success tips
·         The difference in online presentations
·         Incorporating video
·         Creating videos with PowerPoint
·         Creating handouts that support your presentation and add value
Who Will Benefit
·         Auditors
·         Security Professionals
·         Data Analysis Professionals
·         Engineers
·         Information Technology Professionals
·         Managers
·         Quality Assurance Specialists
·         Compliance Specialists
·         Software Specialists
·         Trainers
·         Instructors
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