Supply Chain and Product Compliance Using RoHS, REACH, and Conflict Minerals

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Date Jul 20, 2017
Time 03:00 PM EDT
Cost $159.00
Key Take Away
This Supply Chain Compliance program will offer an in-depth look at three important product regulations focused on materials compliance and ethical sourcing, along with the tools and policies needed to implement them.
Today’s corporations are faced with many challenges when it comes to designing, manufacturing, and distributing their products around the world. With over 10,300 environmental regulations globally, limited budget and resources, companies need to focus on the regulations that cover the broadest territory and encompass the strictest standards. In order to prevent stop shipments, fines, and fees, companies must align key regulatory requirements with programs throughout the supply chain.
Why Should You Attend
The European Union and the United States are leading the world in product regulations focused on environmental compliance and ethical sourcing. Compliance is mandatory in order to continue manufacturing, shipping, and selling products in Europe and the U.S. It is required that companies comply with the use laws and limits for each material, along with documenting the appropriate due diligence, and completing the mandatory government reporting requirements.
Areas Covered In This Webinar
·         Overview of three of the most important materials regulations, the processes, and the programs needed
o    {C}RoHS 1 and 2 Compliance
o    {C}REACH Compliance
o    {C}US Dodd-Frank Conflict Minerals Reporting
·         Improving data collection by using Jig 101, IEC 62474, IPC 1752
·         Managing suppliers with procurement contracts
·         Effectively using technology for tracking and managing compliance
Learning Objectives
This webinar will illustrate why, as the number of monitored substances continues to rise, it is important for companies to develop the programs, processes, and tools that will help prevent future enforcement actions.
Who Will Benefit
This webinar will provide valuable assistance to all personnel in:
·         Product design
·         Supply chain compliance
·         Responsible sourcing
·         Supply chain risk management
·         Environmental compliance
·         Social compliance and auditing
·         Corporate social responsibility
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