Managing Corporate Risks with ISO 31000

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Date Jul 25, 2017
Time 03:00 PM EDT
Cost $159.00
Key Take Away
An in depth look into the key components of the ISO 31000 guideline and best practices to implement and support a corporate risk management strategy or program.
ISO 31000 is a standard developed by the International Organizations for Standardization (ISO) which provides a basic guideline and principles for the application of risk management. Companies that use risk management processes vary across industries in scope and magnitude and address a wide variety of challenges.
Why Should You Attend
Understanding how risk management and the ISO 31000 standard can help companies define, manage, and mitigate risk is critical to corporate success. All organizational processes and decision making can benefit from structured risk management processes and frameworks.
By implementing a systematic, structured, and timely risk management strategy, companies can protect vital assets, branding, and revenues. The ISO 31000 framework enables companies to be transparent and inclusive, while also being able to respond quickly and effectively to risk. Continuous improvement is facilitated by adhering to the standard and incorporating additional enterprise risk management tools and techniques.
Areas Covered In This Webinar
·         An overview of the framework
·         Where to consider risk management
·         What it means to “Establish the Context”
·         Mandate and commitment
·         Framework design for managing risk
·         Continual improvement of the framework
·         Key definition  and main points of risk
o    {C}Risk identification
o    {C}Risk analysis
o    {C}Risk evaluation
o    {C}Risk treatments
Learning Objectives
·         Monitoring and reviewing the framework
·         Best Practice
·         Links to the COSO Model
·         Implementing risk management practices
Who Will Benefit
This ISO 31000 Risk Management webinar will provide valuable assistance to all personnel in:
·         Operations
·         Audit/Fraud
·         Supply Chain
·         Security
·         Customer Service
·         Product Manufacturing
·         Senior Management
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