Using Kanban/JIT Systems and Lean Elements to Run a Startup Plant

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Date Jul 12, 2017
Time 12:00 PM EDT
Cost $199.00
Key Take Away
This Lean training explains how to set up and use kanbans all the way from Purchasing and Procurement, to Receiving, Receiving Inspection, Component Stock, Work Order Picking/Staging, Assembly, Packaging, Finished Goods, and Sterilization.
A medical device or biotechnology startup plant needs to have product available yet be agile enough to respond quickly to demand and design changes without wasting excess inventory, especially from obsolete products that did not pan out. Combining the principles of a Visual Workplace with Kanban bins and cards, this webinar will demonstrate step-by-step how to create a demand-pull system to achieve the right balance of inventory and throughput throughout your startup operation. The speaker will speak from personal experience, having been a Director of Manufacturing at a start-up operation. The "hands-on" use of Drum-Buffer-Rope from Theory of Constraints (TOC) will also be covered.
Also, lean cannot be just about product and process.  This webinar also touches on the elements of lean documents and lean configuration, since the principles of lean must permeate throughout all systems, not just the manufacturing supply chain.
Why Should You Attend
This webinar will provide valuable insights to operations managers, supply chain managers, purchasing managers, planners, manufacturing engineers, design engineers, and other operations.
A startup plant faces many challenges and options.  Too often, the brainpower and focus is on the science and technology of the product.  However, without agile systems from the earliest stages, the company may struggle for the wrong reasons as it tries to ramp up its manufacturing and quality systems.
This webinar is essential to introducing lean principles from the company’s earliest stages.
Areas Covered In This Webinar
·         Working definitions of kanban, JIT, pull system, and drum-buffer-rope, with emphasis on medical device and biotechnology manufacturing.
·         Introduction to the elements of lean documents and lean configuration.
·         Selection of appropriate sterilization lot size - a key factor.
·         Practical lot sizes for start-up medical devices.
·         How to handle large-volume and offshore suppliers?
·         How MRP II can help - and hinder - an effective kanban system?
·         How to use kanbans to track off-site sterilization services?
·         Using kanbans with external supply chain suppliers.
·         Smart ways to minimize lot picking times.
·         Lot picking inside a cleanroom
Learning Objectives
·         Myths about lot size and local efficiencies.
·         Myths about documentation and support systems.
·         An alternative way to track yield losses during product builds.
·         Preparing kanban cards and bins to control both in-house inventory and external supplier inventory.
·         Smart ways to track variable information using kanban cards (example lot number, PO number, WO number, due dates).
·         How to use kanbans for R&D prototype work?
·         How to simplify paperwork to allow smaller lot sizes?
·         Smart ways to simplify Receiving verification.
·         How product shipments trigger new builds?
Who Will Benefit
·         Project Leaders
·         Functional Managers
·         QA Managers
·         Operations Managers
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