Using Behavior Based Interviewing To Select The Right Candidate

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Date Jul 20, 2017
Time 12:00 PM EDT
Cost $159.00
Companies erroneously spend too much time on looking for the correct skills and knowledge for the job and paying little or no attention to attitudes and behaviors necessary to a candidate perform at a high level.  The fact is that most involuntary terminations occur because of improper attitudes and behaviors.
The best way to hire the correct candidate is see into the future and see how that candidate will perform on the job.  The fact is that people are products of their past.  Past behavior will predict the future.
If you want to hire the correct candidate for the job you must base your hiring decision on more than a gut feeling.
Why Should You Attend
Having the right people doing the right jobs is critical to the success of every organization.  The wrong hire can cost a company thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. In spite of this, companies and their human resources departments make many bad hiring decisions.
The key to success is not hiring someone based on resume of past success but rather being able to hire someone who will perform well in the required job.
Using behavior based interviewing is another tool that organizations can use to select the right person for the right job.
Areas Covered in this Webinar
How to create and ask open-ended questions
How to solicit examples of past behavior to predict future behavior
How to take useful interview notes
How to get beyond the rehearsed answers to find out what a candidate is really thinking
How to establish interview evaluation criteria
How to identify and evaluate skills objectively
Learning Objectives
This seminar on interview best practices will focus on the importance of predicting behaviors of a job candidate by learning how to ask behavior based questions and evaluate the answers.
Who Will Benefit
HR Professionals 
Senior Vice President
Vice President
Executive Director
Managing Director
Regional Vice President
Area Supervisor
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