5 Secrets to Effective Delegation

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Date Aug 29, 2017
Time 12:00 PM EDT
Cost $159.00
One person, no matter how great or wonderful you are, can only do so much. To expand your influence, impact and results it requires you enlist the help of other talented people. They will only help you if they see what’s in it for them. Learning how to delegate is the fine art of persuasion, influence and discernment. You will only be great if you help others become great.
Master the art of delegation. It is simply the best way for you to expand your influence, impact and dynamic results. Effective delegation will create an impact throughout the entire organization. You will enjoy the effort and reap amazing rewards.
There are a few secrets to effective delegation.
People do things for their own reasons, not ours.
Everyone has certain special talents that need to be exploited.
You can only achieve great things by helping others achieve great things.
If you don’t have quick and easy answers and behaviors to develop these secret realities you need this webinar. It will enable you to achieve far beyond where you thought you could go. You will become a hero and at the same time help others.
Delegations are the most powerful way there is to increase your influence, spread your ideas and impact the bottom line of any organization. Done well the results are amazing, done wrong it causes confusion, angst and poor performance. You can’t afford to get delegation wrong. Your future success depends upon you learning how to delegation well.
  • Why you should delegate and what you should delegate.
  • Why should anyone accept a delegated task and why reject one?
  • How do you determine the right person to delegate to? 
  • Does this relate to company goals and strategy?
  • What is the simple formula to do this well?
  • The most critical elements you must master to delegate well.
  • How do you ensure completion and quality of a task?
  • Necessary routines to develop as part of your culture.
  • What are the rewards and pitfalls of delegation?
Effective delegation is not a mechanical thing; it takes skill, understanding and practice. This skill can be learned by anyone desiring to improve their own results, inspire others and accomplish great things. It all starts with a good understanding of self and then others.
You need to understand your job, how to get results and you especially need to become a master at reading people. Measurement is one of the most important elements to implement while delegating. This can become a very positive experience for both the delegator and the delegate. This delegation training will explain how to do each element of the delegation process and give justification for each step.
We will use specific examples of successful delegation as well as discuss the dangers of not taking a comprehensive approach to delegation. A simple check list and formula will give you an outline to review every time you start to think about delegating a task. When you follow the formula you will dramatically improve your results.
CEO’s, Presidents, managers, supervisors and anyone desiring to improve their leadership skills.
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