Engineer a culture of growth with Human Capital Transformation

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Date Sep 28, 2017
Time 04:00 AM EDT
Cost Free
Unconscious bias, diversity and culture. Woolly terms which can confound even the best of us. By linking personality elements to business process you can start to leverage people in new and dynamic ways and understand these terms quantitatively.

As new startup businesses emerge, the gulf between what technology can do and it’s business value has widened, “AI will replace the human”, but why? Businesses are looking to become more efficient, but good people are still the most valuable resource, it is now more critical than ever to ensure the most important part of the business is effectively supported, measured and leveraged.

But how do you manage, nurture and grow untapped potential within a culture without causing turbulence? By correctly understanding and interpreting the workforce using People Analytics, it is possible to align your objective to that of the people. Thinking strategically about people data and understanding how to interpret and implement recommendations will enable faster, leaner growth, reduce risk and increase buy in for many of the projects you aim to complete.

James Grant, CEO and Tech arm of Weavee, and Raj Hayer, Partner and HR Advisor, will guide you through:
 - Using Human Capital data to motivate the workforce
 - Understanding culture through the personality of the workforce
 - Using Human Capital Technology to leverage deeper people insights
 - Using People Analytics within the workforce to understand patterns of poor culture
 - Identifying if an employee is going to fit your culture?
 - The benefits of hiring for culture or performance: is it a trade-off?

Join us to learn about the emerging People Analytics market, scale your own business opportunities through technology and drive a new wave of organisational efficiency with Weavee!


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