Piercings, Tattoos and More: Dress Codes for the Workplace - Legally Compliant Policies and Guidelines

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Date Nov 14, 2017
Time 02:30 PM EDT
Cost $200.00
Employers regularly regulate clothing, piercings, tattoos, makeup, nails, hair, and more. This webinar on Workplace Dress Codes will discuss your reasons and rights as an employer to establish a dress code in your workplace and how to develop and adopt one that complements your business. In addition, this webinar will talk about the pitfalls of having too rigid of a dress code, and how that dress code can land an employer in hot water. Attend the webinar to learn more about your rights with respect to dress codes and grooming

Objectives of the Presentation
  • Understanding the key components of a dress code: What should be included and what should be left out of the dress code
  • Learn how the dress code should complement the company culture
  • Identify ways to address the issue when an employee is violating the dress code policy
  • Recognize the top pitfalls to a dress code and how to avoid claims of discrimination
  • Know when you can deduct the cost of a uniform or required clothing from an employee’s pay
  • Understand limitations that can be placed on tattoos and piercings
  • Learn how to make personal grooming, hair and make-up part of the dress code
Why Should you Attend
Establishing a Dress Code for your business today is not as simple as it once was. Most dress code problems have centered on the issue of gender bias--but this does not mean that the code must be the same for both genders. Courts have concluded that employers may enforce dress codes even if they are different for men and women, as long as the standards for each gender are reasonable for the business environment at issue.

This webinar discusses your reasons and rights as an employer to establish a dress code in your workplace and how to develop and adopt one that complements your business. Considerations range from what is considered professional attire to cultural and generational preferences. It will also discuss when to make accommodations to the dress code when it comes to ADA and religious accommodation issues.

It will also discuss how to establish clear guidelines for employees, the reasons behind decisions for dress and how to be comfortable, yet professional.

Areas Covered
  • Dress Code – What to include and why is it important
  • What are your rights as an employer to establish a dress code as a condition of employment
  • Defining business, business casual and casual
  • Professionalism: Customer contact positions
  • Morale and respect among coworkers
  • Safety: Office and manufacturing positions
  • Uniforms and logo wear
  • Piercings, tattoos and hair
  • Perfume and cologne
  • Hygiene
  • Cultural and religious considerations and other exceptions
  • Younger generation's preference for informality
  • Review cases of discrimination when it involved the dress code policy
  • When does dress make a positive or negative impact on performance?
  • Designing a policy which aligns with your business
Who will Benefit
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Front line Supervisors and Managers
  • Recruiters and Employment Specialists
  • Training and Learning Professionals
  • Affirmative Action Officers
  • Consultants and Business Owners
  • HR Directors and Managers
  • Employment Managers
  • Line Managers
  • Executive Team Members
Instructor Profile:
Chad Sorenson is the President and founder of Adaptive HR Solutions, LLC and has over 20 years of diverse business, communications and human resource experience.

He works with companies that range from 5 to 1,200 employees and focuses on leadership development, manager training, employee performance management and employer compliance in industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, construction trades, and professional services organizations. Prior to founding Adaptive HR Solutions in 2008, Chad has been Vice President, Director and Manager of Human Resources for several companies in the Jacksonville area.

He is certified as a SHRM-Senior Certified Professional and a Senior Professional in Human Resources. Chad serves on the Executive Committee as the Treasurer for the HR Florida State Council, which has over 14,000 members statewide. He is also the Immediate Past President of SHRM Jacksonville having served as President for 2015 and 2016. Chad regularly speaks to other SHRM Chapters and business associations across the state on topics such as leadership development and employee engagement.

Chad is an Eagle Scout and a graduate of Morningside College in Sioux City, Iowa. The keys to his success are Devotion to God, Dedication to Family, Continuous Service, Lifetime Learning, and Always Remembering to Laugh. 

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