Effective Retention Strategies: Keeping Millennials and Other Employees in today's Workplace

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Date Nov 15, 2017
Time 02:30 PM EDT
Cost $200.00
The Millennial generation is a force to be reckoned with. They are talented, innovative, entrepreneurial, and creative. They are also highly mobile and prone to job hopping. Retaining top talent is a key business imperative and old strategies are no longer effective.

More than 60% of Millennials leave their company in less than three years and their turnover is greater than any other generation. In addition there are now more Millennials than Baby Boomers in the workforce. 60% are open to a different job and 36% will look for a new job in the next year. No question they have their own style, attitudes, and beliefs. Unfortunately most companies don't have a focused retention strategy to retain these important employees.

The good news is that Millennial prefer to stay with the same company and they will if given the right environment and opportunities. There are strategies and tactics that can improve retention rates.

During this informative webinar, you will learn why Millennial and other employees stay or leave and learn practical techniques you can use to retain the best employees.

Objectives of the Presentation
  • Cite factors that contribute to millennial employee turnover
  • Describe how to gamify the onboarding process
  • Recognize the 5-component model of retention
  • Identify strategies for retaining employees
  • Understand the link between leadership, employee satisfaction, and turnover
  • Describe how to create a workplace "community"
  • Measure employee turnover and retention
  • Recognize the importance of the Losada Ratio
  • Cite three factors that contribute to employee motivation
  • Describe the priorities of the millennial generation
Why Should you Attend
Millennials currently outnumber baby boomers in the workplace, and by 2020 they will comprise 50% or the workplace.

Retaining staff is a concern of almost every organization. Higher than desired turnover demands considerable resources to recruiting and the problem is made worse by day-to-day staffing shortages. Improved retention is the solution to slow the turnstile of coming and going staff.

It's no secret that more and more Millennials are hopping from one career to another. In fact, 91% of Millennials expect to stay in a job less than 3 years (Forbes) and the cost of replacing a millennial employee ranges from $15,000 - $20,000. (Millennial Branding) Needless to say, retaining the right Millennial talent has never been more crucial.

Areas Covered
  • Why Millennial employees stay or leave
  • How to measure turnover
  • The relationship of compensation to employee satisfaction and motivation
  • The relationship of leadership to retention and turnover
  • How to create a workplace "community"
  • Why recruitment and interviewing are important in managing turnover
  • The importance of "Stay interviews"
  • 135 ideas for reducing turnover
  • 10 steps toward great retention
  • Ideas for more effective onboarding
  • Importance of realistic job previews
  • 7 steps to giving effective recognition
  • Linking benefits to retention
  • The 5 components of the retention model
  • Keys for millennial retention
Who will Benefit
  • Individuals responsible for employee retention
  • Human Resources professionals
  • Leadership and management
  • Leaders, Managers, Supervisors, Business Owners
  • Personnel responsible for Employee development & and organizational development
Instructor Profile:
Wes Pruett is the owner of HR Advisors LLC, a consulting practice that provides service to clients who seek to align their business and employees creating successful outcomes and excellent work environments. After 20 years in senior leadership within the Mayo Health System he founded HR Advisors.

Mr. Pruett provides solutions to companies for a wide variety of HR issues including compensation, compliance, policy development, performance management, and employee relations. Mr. Pruett regularly facilitates employee training related to communication, leadership, coaching and strategic planning. He is a certified business coach credentialed by the International Coach Federation and an authorized provider of Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team and Everything DiSC.

He earned a Masters in Healthcare Administration at the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management and an M.S. in Psychology. 

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