Drug and Alcohol Testing of Employees

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Date Dec 12, 2017
Time 01:00 PM EDT
Cost $200.00
Drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace has been a major issue for many businesses and employers are continually working to address this problem. Prior to beginning drug and alcohol testing, there are some requirements that employers must know and understand about implementing a drug and alcohol workplace policy. It is important to minimize exposure to liability in this area. In this webinar, you will learn about employers’ options and regulatory requirements for maintaining a drug and alcohol free workplace.

Objectives of the Presentation
  • Why drug testing?
  • Understanding the concept of a drug free workplace program
  • Various drug & alcohol testing types
  • Ability to implement an effective drug free workplace program in accordance with Federal and State laws
  • Benefits of an effective drug free workplace program
  • Liabilities involved with a drug testing program
Why Should you Attend
The smooth and effective management of any company and business is predicated on many different factors. The culture of a workplace is important, as is the management and how they interact with each other and employees. Work practices are vital, the flow and handling of information is important, and, perhaps most critical of all, the health, safety and well-being of all staff are essential. Any imbalance or neglect in one area can have a domino effect that spreads to other areas, and this can have a serious, negative impact on many aspects of a workplace in unforeseen ways.

Attend the session to learn about the complex world of workplace drug and alcohol testing.

Areas Covered
  • The five components of a drug free workplace program
  • Drug testing options - beyond the five panel
  • Regulatory issues, including dot regulations
  • Medical and recreational marijuana issues
  • Post-accident testing and workers comp claims
  • Effective drug testing while lessening exposure to liability
Who will Benefit
  • Business owners
  • HR managers
  • Safety managers
  • Business Attorneys
  • Risk Managers
Topic Background
Helping employers implement effective legal and liability free drug free workplace programs.

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