Managing Multiple Priorities for the Front Desk

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Date Dec 14, 2017
Time 02:30 PM EDT
Cost $200.00
When you work the front desk, you have many responsibilities. How do you meet the needs efficiently? You have phone calls, clients, bosses, and a list of other tasks to be completed. How do you calmly meet the needs? How do you greet each person that approaches your desk with a smile and with a tone of voice that expresses to them that you recognize that their needs are important? How do you stay organized in such an unpredictable environment?

Objectives of the Presentation
  • Prioritizing tasks
  • Learn time management tips
  • Learn how to plan more efficiently
  • Learn how to use resources
  • Asking for support
  • Learn how to be scheduled and yet flexible
Why Should you Attend
If you are a front desk receptionist, this is an opportunity for you to learn how to gracefully and efficiently handle it all.

Areas Covered
  • Learn how to prioritize and where to focus your energy
  • Eliminate time wasters and improve planning techniques to increase productivity
  • Learn how to organize anything in three steps: analyze, plan and take action
  • 5 time-wise habits that top achievers share
  • Using to-do lists
  • Asking for support and using resources
  • Dealing with unexpected "emergencies" that cause priorities to change
  • Build a defense against stress
Who will Benefit
Anyone in a front desk role who deal with customers and visitors

Topic Background
This webinar is designed to address the need to learn how to manage time and priorities and keep stress levels down while working at the front desk.

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