The Top 10 Mistakes New Managers Make and How to Avoid Them: Get the Best from Each person on your Team

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Date Dec 21, 2017
Time 02:30 PM EDT
Cost $200.00
The session will give you insight of the 10 common mistakes that newly transitioned managers and essential techniques tips on how to avoid them. Unfortunately, being good at your job doesn’t guarantee that you will be a good leader or manager. Yes, you were good enough to get promoted but being a manger has challenges you never dealt with when you were an employee. The transition to management isn’t just a promotion and a pay raise—it’s a shift into a new type of role that requires new skill sets and you are bound to trip up along the way when you are first starting out. . What matters most is how quickly you can formulate a plan and learn from those mistakes.

Objectives of the Presentation
If you have been a team member and are now the manager, it is important to
  • Be able to learn how to delegate effectively
  • Learn how to Build trust
  • Learn to manage up and communicate to all stakeholders
  • Learn how to Engage your team members to identify areas for improvement
  • Know and have a sense of your own capabilities
  • Establish your own credibility with the team
Why Should you Attend
In many instances, new managers they have not been trained in how to deliver constructive feedback and they are unduly concerned that any critical conversations will turn people against them. This webinar will benefit those who have transitioned into a new manager’s role with tips and tools for engaging, motivating and building high performance teams.

Areas Covered
  • The importance of building your credibility and managing tasks while leading people
  • Managing Up- What it means and how to use it to communicate effectively
  • Managing Peers
  • Delegating effectively
  • Set expectations and follow through
  • Building your level of confidence with decision making and problem solving
Who will Benefit
Managers and supervisors who have recently been promoted, those taking on new responsibilities, those with little or no formal training — even seasoned professionals needing a refresher — will benefit from the ideas, techniques and tools offered in this powerful program.

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