Is Your Organization Ready for the Year of #MeToo in the Workplace?

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Date Feb 1, 2018
Time 01:00 PM EDT
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Sexual Harassment in the workplace is not new. 
What’s shifted is the level of tolerance and a growing call for retribution and consequences.

2018 will be a record year for sexual harassment complaints, firings, and lawsuits. Is your organization ready?
  • Will your online training or employee handbook be enough? 
  • Are your compliance audits sufficient?
  • How will you handle false accusations and the victims of this reverse harassment? 
This webinar will address how to evaluate your current culture and design a proactive and strategic approach to preparing your workforce.  The webinar will be relevant for both private and public companies, non-profits, academia and governmental organizations.

$5,000. That's the average price-tag of each harassment complaint that results in an EEOC investigation. Furthermore, the cost can be as high as $85,000 per incident. According to a recent EEOC report, 2017 saw a 1600 case increase and $136 Million dollars more ordered to be paid out than the highest payout year before. That's an average of $85,000 per case.

In 2017, the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission investigated 99,109 cases of discrimination and harassment charges and ordered $484 Million be paid out.

If recent verdicts are an indication of what's to come, the existence of an anti-harassment policy, or "check the box" training is no longer sufficient. The courts are now focused on implementation and enforcement.

Is your organization ready?

About the Expert: 

​Sandy Klausen ACC, CPCC, SPHR/SCP, is an Executive Coach and Corporate Trainer. 

Her broad HR and leadership development background was garnered in a variety of hi-tech start-ups and large corporations in defense, entertainment, telecommunications, biotech and education. Sandy holds a BA in Management and an MA, in Organizational Management and has an SPHR/ SCP from HRCI/SHRM. 

Sandy transitioned from the corporate HR world in 2008, with over thirty years of experience in Human Resources. Her extensive leadership and business background has enabled her to be instrumental in helping organizations increase their effectiveness and her warm, personable approach enables her to break down barriers and quickly tackle core issues in an insightful manner. 

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