HR Audits: 2018 Issues and Concerns

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Date Mar 15, 2018
Time 01:00 PM EDT
Cost $198.00
Senior management has since stopped viewing HR audits as sole tasks performed by the HR departments.In this day, HR audits are now viewed as the vital components of evaluating the factors that play a role in the success of an organization.In this regard, senior management now performs HR audits of HR instead of having them done by HR itself.This is aimed at identifying the major factors that limit the organization from achieving its goals.Therefore, HR audits are aimed at pinpointing specific areas and factors of an organization that lead to poor policies and incorrect enforcement of organizational processes.There are many forces and factors that justify the need and application of HR audits. Since human capital is largely viewed worldwide as the single most essential component for maximum productivity, competitiveness, and profits; it is the organization’s driving force and the heartbeat behind eventual success.There is, therefore, a high need for complete transparency and higher levels of auditing activity in order to manage effective economic, political and social policies that affect stockholder’s positions.
Another reason for HR auditing is based on the increased activities of governmental agencies, these agencies now prioritize the assessment of employment policies and practices, and they channel a lot of resources and energy in getting the assessment done. Agencies like the EEOC, the OFCCP, U.S. DOL, and ICE encourage all employers to integrate self-assessments into their organizational structures.
Objectives of the Session:
  • Analyzing the effectiveness of the human resource management department of an organization
  • Evaluating human capital with regards to the organization’s objectives
  • Analyzing the risks and liabilities created by employment policies and practices
  • Discuss the growth and use of HR audits in getting practical answers to these questions.


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