Free HRCI & SHRM Approved Webinar: Driving your Company’s Objectives by Changing your Hiring Approach

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Mar 23, 2018
Time 11:30 AM EDT
Cost Free
Years ago the movie MoneyBall changed our perspective on hiring. This movie documents the story of the Oakland A's and their struggle to compete for talent against wealthier baseball teams. The solution to their recruiting problem was to completely break from the status quo. They stopped doing what they had always done, and what all the rich teams were doing.

Instead they implemented a completely different approach to identifying talent. This can be tied directly to hiring, as employers take this same approach in solving their own recruitment challenges.

During this one-hour session, Ryan Kohler, CEO of ApplicantPro, will:
  • Walk through the steps to create a hiring process that is designed to maximize on the unique things that each company has to offer.
  • Spend time focusing specifically on what can be learned from top employees.
  • Explain how to use this knowledge to design a candidate focused hiring process that not only drives hiring results, but delivers real strategic benefits to the organization as a whole.
Join us on March 23 at 9:30 am MST. Plus, earn free HRCI & SHRM credits with attendance. Learn more and register here! 


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