Coaching for Conflict Management – How HR Can Help Employees Manage Small Conflicts on Their Own

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Date Aug 13, 2018
Time 03:00 PM EDT
Cost $8357.00
Help Create a Climate Where Employees Know How to ‘Fight Their Own Battles’ When Minor Conflicts Arise
It is imperative to train supervisors on how to encourage employees to manage their own small conflicts without sending a message that management won’t help with anything. This seminar will address steps HR can take to help employees learn how to – and get in the habit of – managing small conflicts on their own.

Areas Covered in the Session :
  • Identifying the reasons employees often expect managers or HR representatives to step in and manage small workplace conflicts for them. These reasons may be related to the individuals involved, past experience, organizational culture, departmental factors, and other factors
  • Ways HR professionals can use their knowledge about the factors that keep employees from dealing with their own workplace conflicts to solve problems resulting from small conflicts rising to the level of HR or management involvement without the parties involved first trying to reach an agreement
  • Strategies for teaching effective conflict management skills to employees and managers so they will have the ability to effectively deal with conflict
  • How to coach managers to ‘push back’ constructively in situations where employees want them to get involved with conflicts that they should handle directly
  • Tips HR professionals can apply when coaching employees through efforts to deal with their own conflicts so they’ll learn how to do so independently
  • Suggestions for ‘selling’ employees on why it is in their best interest to sincerely attempt to manage small conflicts first, before escalating problems best handled between individuals up the chain of command
  • Identification of additional types of training that can help create a climate where employees know how to ‘fight their own battles’ when minor conflicts arise
Who Will Benefit:
  • Managers
  • HR professionals
  • Business owners
  • Training managers
  • Ethics officers


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