How to set up and use an LMS (an Abara LMS product demo)

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Jul 27, 2018
Time 04:30 AM EDT
Cost Free
Abara welcomes all to yet another webinar. This time we take you through How to set up and use an LMS (an Abara LMS product demo). As HR and L&D professionals using the LMS for the first time, setting up the system and scheduling your first training activity can sometimes be an intimidating task. This webinar plans on changing that!
Join Anand Timothy of Abara LMS as he takes you through the basics of setting up your LMS and touches upon the following points:
  • What is an LMS? Its uses and types: LMS at a glance.
  • Introduction to Abara LMS: A quick look at what makes Abara different from other systems.
  • Set up your portal (colours, branding, fonts): How to set up your Abara LMS portal. It is simple, easy, and highly customizable.
  • Manage users: Learn to manage your users – from adding learners to creating individual groups of learners.
  • Manage learning objects: Understand how learning objects can be added to the LMS from multiple sources.
  • Bundle learning into a course: Learn to bundle individual pieces of learning objects into one complete course, ready for your users to take.
  • Assign course to users: Assign specific courses to learners based on their job roles and departments.
  • Check reports: Learn to analyse the various reports on the behaviour of your learners.


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