Payroll in the Complicated States of California, New York, and Pennsylvania

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Date Dec 12, 2018
Time 04:00 PM EDT
Cost $132.00
In the last several years the state of New York, California and Pennsylvania has had a particular focus on employers and laws around employee rights. Everything from wage and hour concerns, taxation, even how the state wants employers to handle overpayments to employees.
This webinar will review all complicated aspects of payroll processing for employers in PA, NY & CA. Taxes will be discussed from state withholding to the Metro Commuter Tax and Act 32. All wage and hour rules will be reviewed from minimum wage to voting time requirements. The newly updated legislation concerning lawful deductions from pay will be explained for NY.
Why You Should Attend:
Did you know that NY extended the rules for deducting payroll overpayments from employee pay check to 2017 at the end of 2015. Or that Philadelphia enacted required sick pay requirements. These are laws that if you have employees in CA, NY and PA that you need to know about. This webinar will give the most up to date information in regards to laws that affect payroll.
If you’re an employer in CA, PA and/or NY you can’t miss this webinar it will review everything from local, taxes required sick pay and Payment Method laws.
Learning Objectives:
  • Details of what PA State tax is
  • How to apply PA ACT 32 to your tax calculation
  • What Jurisdictions are exempt from ACT 32 and how to handle them
  • Understanding Employer PSD code
  • The significance of the Residency Certification Form
  • Review of Challenges and how to overcome them
  • Details of NY wage and hour rules concerns regarding deductions of wages and overpayment rules
  • Understanding state tax withholding requirements and reporting NY Local taxes, disability taxes and how to handle
  • Wage Payment and Pay card legislation
  • Terminated employee concerns
Areas Covered in the Session :
  • California, New York & Pennsylvania
  • Payment Methods
    • Pay stub requirements
    • Banking Concerns
    • Termination Pay
  • Wage & Hour/Record Keeping Concerns
  • Payroll Tax Concerns
    • Resident/Non-Resident
    • Disability Tax
    • Local Taxation
  • Audit Considerations

Who Should Attend:
  • Payroll Tax Professionals
  • Payroll Professionals
  • Human Resources Departments
  • Accounting Departments
  • Controllers
  • Small Business Owners


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